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Our Story

At its most basic, a piece of white butcher paper and a chunk of charcoal from the pit.  

We began to draw and write and put a plan together.  

Why can you not have white paper in a BBQ joint? 

History is meant to be changed. Texas style dry rub based BBQ, no sugar in a pork rub, then add the elevations of Colorado. 

History is meant to be changed.

White Paper BBQ was born out of the ideas of history is meant to be changed.  We use the traditions and respect them but have changed the way we do it (to a point). Excellence in our food is all we strive for each and every day.  Using reverse flow pits, only Oak Firewood and time bathed in smoke is our method and process.  Meat is king, sides are important and sauce is necessary (only because society has deemed it so).  

Our success is based on the smile our customers face not with trophies on the shelf. 

Our Team